Solano Mobility: Providing Options in Solano County

Superior Court of California, County of Solano, is partnering with Solano Transportation Authority (STA) to pilot the Equitable Access to Justice Pilot Program to help jurors, prospective jurors, specialty court participants, and collaborative court participants who do not have access to transportation or cannot afford transportation by providing them with fully funded transportation subsidies for court-related travel within Solano County. The goal is to eliminate transportation obstacles as a barrier to court participation. Please notify the court if you need transportation for your court appointment.

To ask for transportation assistance, please contact Jury Services

Jury Services Fairfield

Hall of Justice

600 Union Ave
Fairfield, CA 94533

Phone : (707) 207-7350

Fax : (707) 436-2284

Toll Free : (800) 621-1797

Need assistance using public transportation to reach court in Fairfield or Vallejo?  The Solano Mobility Program provides mobility services and programs for Solano County citizens and can assist you with routing or travel training to understand how to use the bus system and to arrive at the Fairfield or Vallejo branches.   Use the link below or call Solano Mobility at 1 (800)-535-6883 from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday for assistance.