UD Settlement Conference Program

September 24, 2021


Fairfield, California – The Superior Court of California, County of Solano has partnered with the
Solano County Bar Association to establish an unlawful detainer settlement conference
program to assist landlords and tenants to mediate and settle eviction cases filed with the
Superior Court. The Bar Association will provide the Court with trained judge pro tems to assist
the Court with settlement conferences starting October 1, 2021. Settlement conferences will be
scheduled each Friday at the Hall of Justice in Fairfield.

Judge Wendy G. Getty, Supervising Civil Judge, said “The past 18 months have been an
extremely difficult time for both landlords and tenants. Recognizing these challenges, the civil
division added settlement conferences to the eviction process which have proved to be an
invaluable asset by reducing conflict, promoting understanding of the legal process and
assisting the parties to reach resolution. This program continues the hard work the judges have
put into helping landlords and tenants to find solutions.”

Residential landlords and tenants should be aware that for evictions related to the non-payment
of Covid 19 protected rent (March 1, 2020-September 30, 2021), a verification of efforts to
secure COVID 19 Rent Relief funding made available through the state is required when filing
the complaint and when seeking a default. Judicial Council forms regarding unlawful detainers
are available at www.courts.ca.gov and further explain this process. The State of California has
allocated funding for income-eligible renters and their landlords who have been impacted by
COVID-19 to cover unpaid rent and/or utilities. These rental assistance payments will help to
reimburse landlords and keep tenants housed. Individuals can verify their eligibility for the CA
COVID-19 Rent Relief program and apply by visiting www.HousingIsKey.com, or by calling
833-430-2122. You can also find out more information regarding your legal rights and
responsibilities as a landlord or tenant at this website.

The Court also offers a UD Hotline for both landlords and tenants. The advisory hotline is a free
service provided by the Court. Services are provided by licensed attorneys, paralegals or
supervised legal interns. Legal and procedural information is provided via telephone to both
landlords and tenants in Solano County. To learn more about this program and information on
unlawful detainer actions, please refer to the court’s website at www.solano.courts.ca.gov.