Out-Of-Court Options

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The court encourages parties to resolve their case prior to trial by participating in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). The court offers several ADR options: mediation, arbitration, and neutral evaluation. Each of these programs provides a rather informal way of examining the issues in dispute so that the case may be resolved in a speedy but fair manner. ADR is voluntary and confidential. It eliminates a lot of the cost, risk, and stress of litigation. It also provides the parties with more flexibility and control over the process. Parties should consider ADR as early as possible in the litigation.


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There are two ways to participate in mediation. Ask the clerk for Local Form #3905-Stipulation & OrderAlternative Dispute Resolution. Sign the form and send it to the other party for signature. When the form is submitted to the court, you will be contacted to begin the mediation process. You can also wait for your first case management conference to request mediation. Be sure to request mediation on the CMC-110-Case Management Statement.

On Local Form #3905, mark the appropriate box and submit a written declaration. You can also request it at the Case Management Conference.

Each mediator on the court’s mediation panel agrees to provide 8 hrs of mediation services per year. The Pro Bono Mediators are listed on the mediator directory.

The No Fee Mediators agree to provide 18 hrs of mediation services in exchange for attending court sponsored mediation training. The No Fee Mediator listing is available on the website on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) page. Look for the No Fee Mediator Listing link.

The ADR Panelist Listing is available on the court’s website on the mediator directory including fees, experience, expertise, and important information about each mediator.  You can also go through the Civil Mediation Center in Fairfield, or the clerk’s office in both Fairfield and Vallejo.

Unless otherwise ordered, the cost is equally divided by the parties.

Maybe, if necessary, but make those arrangements directly with the mediator. Usually, it is not a good idea, Mediation works best if you are present during the session.

In most cases, but make arrangements directly with the mediator.

Maybe, but make those arrangements directly with the mediator.

Yes. Copies will also be available through the court if the agreement is filed in the case.

Submit complaints in writing to: ADR Administrator Civil Division, 600 Union Avenue, Suite 258, Fairfield, CA 94533. Refer to Local Rule of Court 4.8 j for more details.

No, you must provide and pay for your own interpreter.