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Si usted ha recibido una citación por infracción de tránsito, el Tribunal le enviará por correo una notificación de “cortesía” al domicilio que aparece en la citación. La información proporcionada por la notificación de cortesía responderá a la mayoría de sus preguntas. Por favor espere aproximadamente de tres a cuatro semanas a partir de la fecha en la que recibió la citación para que el Tribunal procese su citación y le envíen la notificación de cortesía. Responda a su citación sin importar si recibe o no dicha notificación de cortesía.  

Existen opciones de pago que le ayudan a evitar el inconveniente y el tiempo que tendría que pasar al venir al Tribunal. Se le puede aplicar un cobro adicional por las opciones extendidas de pago. Si usted no recibe su notificación de cortesía o no entiende sus opciones, puede venir personalmente al Tribunal, llamar por teléfono o enviar sus preguntas por correo antes de la fecha en la que tiene que comparecer. Si se requiere su comparecencia ante el juez, su notificación de cortesía indicara YES (Sí) enseguida de las palabras “Must Go to Court” (Debe presentarse en el Tribunal).


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Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 12 PM & 1PM - 3 PM

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Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 3 PM, Due to COVID-19, the Traffic Division is currently open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call the court location where your case is assigned or send an e-mail request.

Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 3 PM

Horario telefónico y visitas al Tribunal excluyendo los días festivos | Días Festivos


If your driver’s license has been suspended for failure to appear, you may pay the fine due and the court will issue a release of the hold placed on your driver’s license. If you would like for the court to consider your ability to pay the underlying fine, ask to address this with the court by submitting a completed Declaration/Ability to Pay form. A release of the hold placed on your driver’s license will be issued once the court makes a decision on your submitted declaration. The court will update the DMV files electronically.

The arresting agency may be contacted for a copy of an accident report.

If you do not respond to the court or pay your fine by the court due date, an extra fee may be added to your fine amount and your case may be referred for collection. This extra fee is called a “civil assessment,” and it can be up to $300. The court can also charge you with a misdemeanor for “failure to appear,” and the court can issue a warrant for your arrest. A failure to appear hold may also be placed with DMV on your driver’s license which could result in your license being suspended. You may also not be able to renew your car’s registration.

On your citation there is a court location indicated to which your case is assigned. Court addresses are available on our Court Locations page.

You are obligated to contact the court on or before the date listed on your citation. If you have not received a courtesy notice prior to that date, the clerk in the division may assist you with your options.

You may be eligible to attend traffic school if all of the following apply:

If you have not attended traffic school within the last 18 months prior to this citation;
You have a valid driver’s license;
You have no outstanding Failures to Appear;
This citation only involves a moving infraction and does not involve any drug or alcohol violations;
You were not speeding more than 25 mph over the posted limit.
Failure to attend traffic school can adversely affect your driving record and insurance.

The majority of traffic citations do not mandate a personal appearance and can be handled by phone or through the mail. Check your courtesy notice for this information. If you have not received a courtesy notice, or have additional questions, please contact the court on or before the date listed on your citation.

Generally, yes. There are different types of extensions for different types of traffic matters. You will need to contact the court listed on your citation for further details.

Once you have made arrangements to attend traffic school with the court, you will be given 90 days to complete the traffic school. There will be no extensions granted so give yourself plenty of time to complete the class. Once the certificate of completion is received by the court from the school, and your fines and fees are paid in full, the court will notify DMV to mask your conviction. This will prevent a point from being added to your driving record. Again, all fines and fees and the certificate of completion must be received by the court within the 90 day period.

Yes. A fee is due to the court in the amount of the bail plus $52. The traffic school will also charge a fee. Methods of instruction and class fees will vary.

Yes. Credit card payments are accepted by phone or online. There is a service fee to pay by credit card. You will need to know your case number or citation number in order to use this service.

• To make a payment by phone, CALL: 707-430-0342
Phone payment hours are Mon-Fri 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM and Sat-Sun 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST

• To make a payment online, visit our payment website at:

You can obtain a list from your local court, from the Department of Motor Vehicles .
You may also check your local yellow pages under Driving Schools.

Clerks are not able to provide legal advice. It is suggested you either contact an attorney or perform your own research prior to filing any paperwork.

Click Court Declaration for a Declaration form. This declaration must be filled out properly in order to submit your declaration request to the judicial officer.