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Grand Jury Reports 2008-2009

Image of Grand Jury 2008/1009

Solano County Grand Jury 2008/2009

First Row: Jamielynne Harrison - Administrative Assistant, Bunyan Johnson - Foreman, Honorable Ramona J. Garrett - Presiding Judge, Judy Calpo, Athena Salini-Moore, Phil Carrubba

Second Row: Tom Lee, Wayne Goodman, Anne Davies, Stephanie Perry, Delores Da' Venport, William Jacobson, Dennis Kalis

Third Row: Mac McManigal, Charles LaBue, Bruce DuClair, William McGraw, Rudy Manfredi, James McCully, George Pettygrove, Edd Conley

Foreman's Letter to Presiding Judge

2008-2009 Reports Issue Date Agency Responses
Solano County 311 Call Center 27 FEB 2009 Solano County BOS
Rio Vista Police Department 26 MAR 2009 Contra Costa County Sheriff
Solano County Sheriff
California Medical Facility 27 MAR 2009 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Solano County BOS
Juvenile Hall 27 MAR 2009 Solano County Probation Dept./BOS
Solano County Sheriff
California State Prison - Solano 2 APR 2009 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Solano County BOS
Solano County Main Jail 9 APR 2009 Solano County Sheriff/BOS
Carry Concealed Weapons License 13 APR 2009 City of Dixon
Benicia Police Dept.
Fairfield Police Dept.
Solano County Sheriff  
City of Rio Vista
City of Suisun City
City of Vacaville
City of Vallejo
Amended Carry Concealed Weapons License Report 16 JUN 2009 Solano County Sheriff
Benicia Police Department Holding Facility - Policy & Procedures 13 APR 2009
Fouts Springs Youth Facility 29 APR 2009

Colusa County Office of Education
Fouts Springs Board of Directors

Solano County BOS & Probation Dept

Solano Community College 14 MAY 2009 Solano Community College
Flooding of the Hall of Justice, Adjacent Facilities and Areas within the City of Fairfield 2 JUN 2009

Solano County General Services Response
Solano County BOS

City of Fairfield

Administration of Policies, Procedures and Administration of Discipline and safety in the Educational System 12 JUN 2009

Solano County Office of Education   Dixon USD   Vacaville USD

  Travis USD    

Jesse Bethel High School
Fairfield Suisun USD

California Department of Corrections and Rehabiliation - Delta Fire Camp 12 JUN 2009 California Dept. of Corrections  California Dept. of Transportation 
Solano Transportation Authority  
Hazardous Materials Handling in Solano County 12 JUN 2009

Solano County Resource Management
Solano County Emergency Services

City of Vallejo

In Home Support Services 15 JUN 2009 Solano County HSS
Health and Social Services Child Abuse Reporting 13 JUL
  Solano County Health & Social Services
La Clinica De La Raza 13 JUL

  Solano County Health & Social Services


City of Fairfield Vehicle Program 17 JUL
  City of Fairfield
Solano County Paratransit 17 JUL
  City of Fairfield   STA
Code Enforcement City of Vallejo
Code Enforcement Pictures
21 JUL
 City of Vallejo
Vallejo Police Department Inspection and Interviews   21 JUL
  City of Vallejo

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