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Adoptions FAQs

How long does the adoption process take?

Do I need an attorney to represent me in the adoption proceedings?

What is a stepparent adoption?

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Civil FAQs

Do you accept FAX filings?

Do my forms need to be typed?

How many copies should I provide when filing a document?

Should I provide a courtesy copy of motion papers for the department?

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Court Reporter Fee FAQs

What case types are eligible for this fee?

Is the $30.00 fee for court reporting services in proceedings lasting under one hour collected from one party or from all parties?

When does the Court collect the fee?

Are public entities exempt from paying the court reporter fee?

May the parties waive the services of a court reporter to be ineligible for the $30.00 fee?

May the Court waive the $30.00 fee because of a party's financial condition?

What are the primary changes related to the deposit of the advance jury fees?

What are the new deadlines for depositing the advance jury fees?

Are public entities exempt from paying the advance jury fees?

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Criminal FAQs

What do I bring to court?

How do I get a lawyer to assist me?

How do I get a Public Defender?

When is my court date?

I missed my court date. How do I get a court hearing date?

How do I clear my bench warrant?

Where can I pay my fines?

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Family Law FAQs

What is Domestic Violence?

Where do I get the forms for a domestic violence restraining order?

How do I get an emergency hearing?

Where can I get help with forms and legal advice?

I appeared in Court last week. When am I going to receive my order?

When is the legal process complete and the dissolution final?

Is my divorce automatically final in 6 months?

How do I get copies of my divorce decree (judgment)?

When I come to the clerk's office to file papers, what do I need to bring?

What is a Paternity case?

What are the filing fees?

What is Child Recommending Counseling (CCRC)? Formally known as"Mediation"

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Jury Services FAQs

Is jury duty mandatory?

How did we get your name?

I received a jury summons for someone who is deceased or no longer lives at this address, what should I do with the summons?

Can I be excused for medical, mental, or physical disability reasons?

Are Correctional Officers exempt from jury service?

Are stay at home parents excused from jury service?

Are individuals over 70 years of age exempt from jury service?

How often can I be summoned?

What happens if I do not respond to a jury summons?

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Juvenile FAQs

How do I get a copy of a Juvenile Court Record?

When is my next court date?

My child was arrested and taken into custody. Where was my child taken?

How do I get the social worker's telephone number that is working on my dependency case?

My children were removed from my home by CPS, how do I get them back?

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Probate FAQs

What is Probate?

What if the person left less than $150,000?

What is the person left more than $150,000?

What if I was married to the person who died?

What does the "Custodian of the Will" do?

What happens if there is no Will?

What happens after a Probate case is filed?

How do I get title to real property without probate?

How do I get a Small Estate Affidavit?

Where can I get advice on what I need to do?

What is Guardianship?

What is a legal guardian?

Who may be the legal guardian?

What should I consider before I file a petition?

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Small Claims FAQs

How do I process a small claims case?

Is there someone available to answer questions on how to process my case?

How do I find the owner of a business?

How do I request forms to file my case?

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Traffic FAQs

Is there Night Court for traffic citations?

Where do I obtain a copy of an accident report?

What happens if I don't take care of my traffic citation by the appearance date?

Who do I contact regarding a traffic citation I received?

I received a traffic citation but I have not received a notice with the bail amount, what should I do?

Am I eligible for traffic school?

Do I have to show up in person?

Can I get an extension and if so, how?

I've registered for traffic school, what should I do now?

Do I have to pay the court a fee to attend traffic school and a fee to the traffic school?

Do you accept credit cards?

I received a ticket for your court but I live in Southern California. Where can I get a list of driving schools for my area?

Can I get legal advice from the clerk assisting me?

What if I am unable to appear in court, can I write a letter?

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